Model Registrars

We have registrars to cover all Triumph models. Registrars are there as a point of contact for each group of models, providing free consultation on technical matters, specific narrative in the club magazine and help in locating parts. These registrars will have had many years of experience with these models and will be an invaluable source of information for the new and experienced owner alike.
  Spitfire reg Brown Dolomite reg
 Spitfire & GT6              Dolomite &
                                                 Small saloons
Dave Davies                       
 Mike Bishop                          Mike Bishop
  Stag Reg
  TR7 reg
TR                                   Stag
Peter Hudspith                         Phil Mathew
Herald reg Carl reg2000, 2500 & 2.5      Herald & Vitesse 
Carl Maslen                        Paul Bagshaw
                                            Graham Chambers
All registrars can be contacted here
or in person at club meetings.