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Valentine Run to Finchingfield 15th February


I had volunteered to lead the group leaving from Checkers Diner, so I arrived at just before 12 to find several members already there.  After a quick catch up we decided to head for Finchingfield.  Everyone wanted to know which way I was going.  Of course I hadn’t got a clue!  Those of you that know me well will know that I have no sense of direction whatsoever so I was intending to rely on the sat nav.  Which is usually fine, however, today ‘she’ had obviously decided she wanted a rest and I just couldn’t get it work.  Jim and Sue then said they knew the way – well volunteered!


We made Finchingfield with no problems, I was wondering if we might come across one or two flooded roads given the problems we’d had during the few days before.  It was lovely to see a few classics on the road, including my old Spitfire, glad you could join us Duncan.


When we arrived at The Red Lion it seemed full of CTE members, a great turn out, around 40 I think.  Once again the food was very good, and we finished the meal off with a quick burst of “Happy Birthday” for Richard Stone, thanks to Annette for the lovely cake.   

 Richard makes a wish See a short video [here]

                                                         Karen Jones