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  1. Valentine Run to Finchingfield 15th February


    I had volunteered to lead the group leaving from Checkers Diner, so I arrived at just before 12 to find several members already there.  After a quick catch up we decided to head for Finchingfield.  Everyone wanted to know which way I was going.  Of course I hadn’t got a clue!  Those of you that know me well will know that I have no sense of direction whatsoever so I was intending to rely on the sat nav.  Which is usually fine, however, today ‘she’ had obviously decided she wanted a rest and I just couldn’t get it work.  Jim and Sue then said they knew the way – well volunteered!


    We made Finchingfield with no problems, I was wondering if we might come across one or two flooded roads given the problems we’d had during the few days before.  It was lovely to see a few classics on the road, including my old Spitfire, glad you could join us Duncan.


    When we arrived at The Red Lion it seemed full of CTE members, a great turn out, around 40 I think.  Once again the food was very good, and we finished the meal off with a quick burst of “Happy Birthday” for Richard Stone, thanks to Annette for the lovely cake.   

     Richard makes a wish See a short video [here]

                                                             Karen Jones


  2. Visit to the Combined Forces Military Museum, Maldon, 11 January 2009



    The day started for me with a rather apprehensive drive along the A12 from Colchester to Chelmsford.  I’d only got the TR7 back from the garage the day before and given its recent track record you will understand the apprehension!


    I made Chelmsford and Checkers Diner in plenty of time and more importantly, with no problems!  The 7 was running beautifully – I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy driving her.  Sadly not warm enough to go topless, but I guess you can’t have everything.
    New Year 1


    We left the diner and the convoy followed me to Maldon to the museum.  I can’t say military stuff particularly interests me, but there were rather a lot of helmet jokes – best not expand on that as we’re a family club!  And several members enjoyed the dressing up section, hmm, maybe best not expand too much on that either!  I did find the spy gadget collection very interesting, in particular the Bulgarian umbrella – quite fancy one of those!
    New year 2


    After finishing the tour of the museum we set off for The Queens Head in Tolleshunt D’Arcy for a very tasty lunch. 


    All in all it was a very enjoyable day, with over 40 members joining us.  There was one slight hiccup with the 7 – the driver’s headlamp refused to pop up.  As it wasn’t properly dark I could see well enough to drive home on the sidelights.  As a new headlamp motor is on the pricey side, the headlamp is currently wound up manually, but at least it’s driveable, and I’m thoroughly enjoying having it back again and can’t wait for the summer.


                                                                         Karen Jones