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    This year I decided on a change of format from previous years and settled on a Steeple Chase.  The participants had a list of 14 churches in alphabetical order that they needed to put into a logical order and then visit to answer a question. 


    I was slightly nervous about the weather, bearing in mind the snow the previous year, but no such problems this year.  The sun was gorgeous and most of us were topless.

     April Fools Run 1April Fools Run 2

    Altogether there were 34 members taking part.  We met at Checkers Diner with the intention of setting off between 11:30 and 12.  After plenty of head-scratching and map studying everyone set off.  I had my Mum with me for a bit of company and we decided to visit a couple of the churches and take some photos before cutting across country to be at the finish before everyone arrived. 


    George, Doreen, Peter, Chrystal, Martin and Eileen had beaten us to the finishing point, Paper Mill Lock at Little Baddow and were enjoying some refreshments when we arrived.  We had lunch and then went for a nice walk along the side of the canal, almost getting as far as Boreham before deciding we really ought to head back and see if any of the others had arrived.

    When we arrived back at the car park we found Paul, Tony and Jamie with their heads under Tony B’s Spitfire bonnet.  It wouldn’t start, the battery was flat.  Jump leads are one of the few useful things I carry in the boot of the TR7 and we tried to give the Spitfire a jump start, but it didn’t want to know, but it started very easily with a push.  I wouldn’t wish a breakdown on anyone, but I must say for once I was thankful that it wasn’t me with trouble!

     Standard bonnet position for a TriumphLooking for Answers

    I think everyone that took part enjoyed themselves and from the answer sheets I’ve had back so far, it looks like it’s going to be a very close run thing.


    Thank you to everyone for participating and making all the organisation worthwhile.


                                                                                        Karen Jones

  2. At the April club night we held CTE’s first “Slot Car Challenge”.   When Jamie first suggested the idea a few months ago, I thought it sounded like it would be good fun, and it certainly was. 


    Two tracks were set up in “The Garden Room” and altogether 22 of us competed for the no expense spared (think that should probably read “every expense spared!”) trophy.  Hand-crafted by Jamie, the trophy was a TR7 slot car attached by Velcro to a base.  The TR7 was found in Jamie’s set when he got it down from the loft – and true to form apparently it doesn’t run very well!


    The competition was fierce, but of course very friendly, and I think everyone that took part enjoyed it – I certainly did, even though I was knocked out in the first round.


    Phil Brown became the unofficial mechanic, several times having to carry out emergency repairs – particularly when on a  few occasions the cars went careering off the track, over the edge of the table and landed on the floor!

     Slot Car Repairs

    The final was between Carl Maslen and Phil Mathew, with Phil being the victor of the 20 lap race, and of course the proud recipient of the prize trophy.

     Slot Car Champion

    I definitely think this event will become an annual fixture on the CTE calendar – a very big thank you to Jamie for organising it and making it such an enjoyable evening.


                                                                                   Karen Jones